Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hill's clutch shot pushes Pacers past Lakers 79-77

Kobe Bryant is arguably the best the NBA has seen in the past decade, but even 34-year-old superstars could use a breather every now and then. At 26.9 PPG, Bryant leads the NBA in scoring while shooting 51 percent from the field and 41 percent from beyond the arc. Still, as Bryant ages, it's hard to imagine that he can sustain shooting the ball for such high percentages for an 82-game season.It's a tricky language, but just part of the job now as we get to know Lakers Coach Mike D'Antoni and what he's really saying when he speaks. For example, I wanted to know if anyone has ever used the expression "to go D'Antoni on someone," as in really letting someone have it as he did Pau Gasol the other day."I didn't do anything to him," D'Antoni says, and for all we know Gasol is inside the locker room and curled into a ball after being annihilated by D'Antoni. "Those were tough words," I suggest. "What did I say?" D'Antoni wants to know, and as much as he talks and as hard as it is to always understand what he's saying, maybe he didn't hear himself correctly. I remind him he benched Gasol in Memphis and when D'Antoni was asked later what he was thinking, he told everyone he was thinking he wanted to win the game. Ouch! "Those are tough words?" D'Antoni asks. "I thought those were as tough words as we've heard from a coach around here." "You're a sensitive guy," D'Antoni jokes. "See, I'll treat you a little bit different. I've got to give you a big hug because obviously you need one."

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