Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Needs Improvement in Week 6: Philip Rivers' patience

Every week I'll be focusing on one area in which the Chargers could use improvement in order for them to achieve future success. This is the first post of this series, and also my first post since returning from a three month stay in Europe; if you aren't familiar with me as a poster, it is entirely understandable. (And if I start using colour instead of color or refer to this sport as American Football, please forgive me. Or just blame Angela Merkel or Golden Dawn or something.) Last week's first half in Oakland was nothing short of pitiful: the Bolts went into halftime down 17-0, unable to score anything against one of the NFL's worst defenses in 2013. The same guy we've talked about as having a better year than he's ever had was guilty of multiple misreads last week, as Jerome outlined earlier this week. I went ahead and looked at the game film one last time this morning, looking for other reasons that potentially cost the Bolts points, and was astounded at Philip Rivers' lack of patience on several pivotal plays. I'm going to highlight three plays below where Philip gets rid of the football to an undesirable location while having a completely clean pocket.

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