Monday, 14 November 2011

Who is Sharon O Brien and how did she become a star on Facebook?

There’s a new queen (or should that be, victim?) on Facebook tonight, it seems, as a girl named Sharon O Brien (possibly Sharon O’Brien?) has had her photos shared around and ‘liked’ thousands of times. The photos are said to show a girl, allegedly named Sharon O Brien, in her underwear.

Facebook and Twitter have a habit of picking up on random girls (this one seems to be British) and thrusting them into the limelight. Thousands of girls upload photos of themselves onto social media sites every day, and it’s a curious alchemy that decides which ones suddenly become hugely famous.

Most of the people talking about Sharon O Brien are saying how they wish she wasn’t getting so much attention, which of course only serves to increase her placing on the trending topics list, garnering her even more fame. It’s not clear what the girl herself thinks of all the attention, but given that she’s said to be underage, the whole thing raises more questions about the way in which young people can be exposed to the world by social media.

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