Monday, 26 December 2011

Kimbella and Erica Fight "Love and Hip Hop Season 2" HD

Love and Hip Hop's Kimbella and Erica fight pulling hair throwing punches champagne glasses and all these chicks is not playing..straight drama

Kimbella i love her. She came in there trying to be friendly and Erica was hating on her hard body. She was trying to keep it classy but Erica was just going hard so Kimbella threw her drink and the cup at her. They both got up throwing drinks Kimbella hit her and then they clawing at eachother's faces. Erica fell in the chair. Hair pulling hard body. Then they got broken up. Imma say it took the jaws of life to get Kimbella off that girl. I don't know how . . . but Erica's face got FUCKED UP! Kimbella had a fucked up face too tho. Personally i say Kimbella met her match but Kimbella won. Get Chrissy up in there after Erica LMFAOO! It was good tho. When i saw that i was like. I saw that fight and i was like . .

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  1. I was so excited to see this episode! I love watching cat-fights and this show has a lot of them. I got sad when I thought I would have to miss the show since I was working late at DISH but I remembered I have TV everywhere. So keeping up isn’t a problem because with the Sling box I can stream any channel I subscribe to right to my iPad, Android or laptop. Erica came in right off the bat and had the claws out. I was laughing my butt off with how it ended, the cops called! You didn’t want to miss this episode.