Wednesday, 22 February 2012

CM Punk Responds To Chris Brown

Oh you're going to be a wrestler in the WWE one day to "beat up" CM Punk if he puts one hand on a woman abuser who just happens to make good music. Realize how dumb you sound right now.To be honest I dont think CM Punk will read that. You know traveling and stuff. Besides this is just another storyline to promote Wrestlemania 28.
you realise with that attitude you will never be allowed into the WWE and as you say everyone deserves a second chance so if punk does go after "breezy" why doesn't punk deserve a second chance?ok listen i hope cm punk i going to read this if u lay one hand on breezy i swear u gonna get got so count your blessings right now and i think he deserves another chance i hope u in the wwe when i join it hopefully cuz im coming for u try me

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