Saturday, 11 February 2012

Patrice Evra and Luis Suarez handshake

Rooney has a rasp from just outside the area, to the right of the D. He drags his hard, low effort well wide left of the target. Anyway, never mind that, here's some BREAKING CONTROVERSY courtesy of Dennis Johns: "It looks a lot like that puppy is refusing to shake the kitten's hand in your photo."

25 min: I missed this at the start, but by all accounts Ferdinand refused to shake Suarez's hand at pre-match kindergarten. "I think handshakes should be introduced into all forms of work," announces Phil Sawyer. "Imagine arriving at the office in the morning and having to walk along a line of co-workers shaking hands with each and every one of them. Imagine that, Scott." For the love of God will you be quiet, Sawyer, you'll be giving people ideas. "In more interesting news, I'm having sausages."

22 min: It's all being played at 110mph, never a sign of top quality. Johnson whips in a dangerous cross from the right. De Gea plucks it from the sky and dispatches the ball upfield, where Rooney sets Valencia skittering free down the middle. There are options for United, but Valencia hesitates and eventually Gerrard wheechs into frame to break up the move. "Suarez is Liverpool's bad boy boyfriend," suggests Niall Mullen. "He's got an earring, he wears leather and you're totally infatuated with him. But he smokes, drinks, comes onto your friends and nicks your parents' cutlery. You stick by him and even post his bail when he gets nicked. But he'll leave eventually, leaving you heartbroken and friendless."Patrice Evra and Luis Suarez handshake, suarez refuses to shake evras hand. Sorry I'm far away from the tele but was nice and relaxed on the sofa

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