Saturday, 11 February 2012

Dr. Ron Paul interview with Wolf Blitzer after Maine Caucus

Despite what the media has painted him, he really is a kind of candidate that doesn't come along very often and is worth AT LEAST educating yourself on the man and what he stands for before simply writing him off.
Don't you find it odd that the media goes out of their way to ignore him in the polls on a daily basis, when he is DOMINATING every poll I see. An online poll with over 100,000 votes gets taken down because Ron Paul dominated it, yet "National Polls" that air on every television program are based off 100 telephone polls....odd....when he's won more straw polls than any other candidate combined, and gets hardly any media attention from it...when they DO acknowledge him, it's interviews with loaded "gotcha" questions to that they can twist and distort and make him look unsympathetic or flat out insane. Don't continue to allow the MSM to choose your candidate or most important the P.O.T.U.S. And don't forget he receives donations from the people and the people alone, which the majority of his donations come from more than 75% of active military members that's more than 3 times than any other candidate and 2 times more than Obama. Ask your selves where are the other candidates getting their donations from and who they have to kowtow to once elected (The one's who had donated the most, and that won't be you I promise)

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