Friday, 12 October 2012

Anderson Silva Win vs Stephan Bonnar -

The odds tell you all you need to know about the UFC 153 main event, that there is no need for any real in-depth analysis of how styles match up. In any measurement of the careers of Anderson Silva and Stephan Bonnar, the only logical conclusion about a fight between the two is that Silva should win. And yet if you are one of those people, like I am, that often wonders if there are other things at work besides the obvious, well, sometimes, you still have doubt. Allow me to take a turn away from statistics and tendencies, and move towards the more cosmic. Years ago, I began my career in newspapers, where I was lucky enough to occasionally cover Major League Baseball, and more specifically, the New York Yankees. I had grown up 30 miles away from Yankee Stadium and followed the team all my life, so I knew plenty about them, and because of it, I knew nearly as much about their rivals, the Boston Red Sox. For 86 years, the Red Sox found new ways to stumble. Even though they were often very good, they repeatedly failed to win a World Series while the Yankees vanquished them over and over and became baseball's most celebrated champions. The kicker to it all was that they helped build the Yankees' dynasty by selling them superstar Babe Ruth.

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