Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The X Factor USA Season 2 Boot Camp # 3 “Judges’ Homes” Live Recap 10/10/12

The X Factor USA returns to FOX with a whole new episode. Tonight the “Boot Camp” round of THE X FACTOR comes to a dramatic conclusion as the Top 24 acts are chosen and the “Judges’ Homes” round begins. At the start of the “Judges’ Homes” round, each judge is assigned one of the new Season Two categories (to be announced) and the 24 acts find out who their mentors are. What do Justin Bieber, Marc Anthony, and Nick Jonas have in common? No, it’s not the outrageous hair spray or the self-indulgent and over-the-top personalities! They’re all mentors on The X-Factor’s last pre-live phase of the competition – the judges’ houses. The episode is airing tonight on FOX, so don’t be square, just be there! Which acts make it through to the top 24 phase of the competition. The Boot Camp phase comes to a conclusion, but we’ve already eaten half of our hands in anticipation (we asked our cat to type this). Will it be CeCe Frey or Paige Thomas? Will it be Jillian Jensen? Will it be Reed Deming? Will it be all of them?! The question is, which head will it be? Join us for tonight for an awesome live recap of The X-Factor USA and a remake of the French Revolution. Wipe off those guillotines, smile like a mortician and watch 36 acts lose their heads. Until then, we leave you with these apt lyrics by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Off with your head/dance ‘til you’re dead/heads will roll, heads will roll/heads will roll on the floor. Stay tuned to Allie Is Wired for a full live recap of tonight’s episode. We will keep you up to date on all X-Factor news, reviews and spoilers and make sure to check back here regularly for more information on your favorite television shows! So don’t forget to come back to this spot at 8PM for our live recap of The X Factor USA Season 2 Episode 9 Judges’

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