Friday, 12 October 2012

Eddie Alvarez KO's Patricky Pitbull

Eddie Alvarez made his last fight under the Bellator banner a memorable one when he KO’d Patricky Pitbull in the first round. The first minutes started off with a bang. Alvarez would rock Pitbull early on, but would then get rocked by Pitbull, which is something of the norm for Alvarez in his MMA career. He would weather the storm, however, and then would land a sensational right head kick, sending Pitbull to the canvas. Alvarez followed it up with some more punches and the ref was forced to step in. Eddie was the first ever Bellator lightweight champion, and he certainly capped off his last fight in Bellator in spectacular fashion. Alvarez is more than likely heading to the UFC, and what an addition he would make to the stacked UFC lightweight division. This will be long awaited for Eddie because every fighter’s dream is to end up in the UFC, which is the best mma promotion right now. Eddie has some great speed, some dynamic striking skills, and can submit opponents when on the ground. He will need to avoid getting rocked early in the fight, however, if he wants to compete with the best that the UFC has to offer. It will be interesting to see how he fairs in his first UFC match. He certainly has the talent to hang with any of the top guys in the division. Wherever he goes from here, it was nice to see him win one last fight under the Bellator banner. Congratulations Mr. Alvarez.

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