Friday, 14 October 2011

Aaron, Faye, Aden, Jay And Anton Face Eviction!

Yes! You read correctly! FIVE housemates are up for eviction this Friday night as the housemates face the public vote in the biggest nomination of the series! Could Big Brother be up to some tricks?
Aaron, Faye, Aden, Jay and Anton were all put up by their fellow housemates after nominating earlier today. It’ll mean half of the house faces the eviction halfway through the series. This large amount have all been nominated after Big Brother changed the rules and allowed housemates to discuss nominations, you can read more on this story

Aaron’s first nomination was for Anton. He says he simply doesn’t want to live with him anymore. Aaron’s second nomination was for Jay because he hasn’t “got the minerals that he says he has.”
Aden’s first nomination was for Aaron because of the distance he has felt towards him since “ketchup-gate”. Aden’s second nomination was for Faye because he feel she “segregates” herself from the rest of the housemates and they haven’t formed a connection.
Alex was up next and first nominated Aden because she says she struggles to hold a conversation with him and finds his stories “far-fetched.” Her second nomination was for Anton because she feels she has seen a different side to him since the fallout with the ketchup incident.
Anton was the forth housemate called to the diary room and nominated Aaron saying that he hasn’t found much in common with him. His second nomination was for Faye because he feels a distance between them.
Faye was next into the diary room. Her first nomination was for Anton because she said she is discovering a two-faced side to him. She also nominated Jay because she felt that he hasn’t made much of an effort with her and she feels the “wolf pack has gone too far.”
Harry nominated Jay because he finds him “annoying, rude, arrogant and he farts around the house a lot.” His second nomination was for Anton because Harry thinks “he is too big for his boots.”
Jay’s first nomination was for Aaron. Jay said that he “saved his skin last week” and that Aaron leaving the house would be “no love lost.” Jay’s second nomination was for Harry because he says “I’ve been eating bananas, tomato sauce and frosted flakes for a week. I’m suffering.”
Louise is up next to the diary room and nominates Faye because she is “still very emotional” and they are not as close as they used to be. Her second nomination was for Aden because “he just told me a little lie and it shocked me”.
The final housemate to nominate was Tom and he chose Anton because “he can be malicious after an argument.” His second nomination was for Aden because he finds that sometimes their conversation “feels forced.”

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