Monday, 24 October 2011

TOWIE sisters Sam and Billie Faiers hurt in nightclub attack

This is the moment that TOWIE star Billie Faiers, 21, was the victim of an allegedly unprovoked attack outside a London nightclub.

Trouble started on Saturday evening during a night out with sister Sam, 20, at The Jet Black Club off Tottenham Court Road.

Attacked: Billie doubles over as she is attacked in front of spectators
The group of girls targeted Billie, stealing her £1,500 Mulberry handbag containing her mobile phone and cash.Sam and Billie complained to bouncers, who then threw the culprits out.

Dragged away: Billie is pulled away by her arm as she continues to argue with someone on the opposite side of the railings
However, it was when reality TV beauty Billie left the club that she was attacked by screaming girls waiting outside the venue.A passer-by caught the action on their camera phone, which shows Billie being thrown to the floor, being called a 'slag' and having her hair yanked.

The pavements were thronging with revellers who stopped to witness the action, yet no one appeared to be able to successfully break up the fight.

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