Thursday, 20 October 2011

Fall of the Gaddafis: Dead dictator's children have either been killed or fled Libya

Colonel Gaddafi’s favourite son Saif al-Islam was left fighting for life after being critically wounded during an RAF bombing raid, it was claimed last night.
His eldest son from his second wife, Saif, 39, was the dictator’s one-time heir apparent. Educated in London and Vienna, he was a notorious playboy.
Rebels had originally claimed to have captured him during the fall of Tripoli but he escaped the capital.

Muammar al-Gaddafi
Yesterday, the NTC initially said Saif fled Sirte in a convoy heading for the desert, but then announced he was shot in the leg by revolutionary fighters and taken to hospital.
However, reports later claimed he was left seriously injured by an RAF Tornado bombing strike on the town – a Gaddafi family stronghold.
 Colonel Gaddafi in his Bedouin tent in 1985 (Pic: Rex Features)

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