Friday, 13 January 2012

Glam Slam: Jimmy Fallon’s Tebow + Bowie Mashup (Video)

Tim Tebow is a great gift to mankind — even non-Christians and people who hate the Broncos — because he keeps inspiring funny comedy bits.Jimmy Fallon is Tebowie. ... love Jimmy Fallon, so they are getting lots of Tebow exposure even though they really don't watch football. Brad James. Follow me on Twitter. With Coach Zorro on our side, we will slice opponents to ribbons.Tim Tebow is a kid who cares more about what he does off the field working with disabled children and building hospitals in foreign countries, and you have the audacity to call him shallow? Tell me, my good man, what have you done for the betterment of humanity?
Your comments are the total embodiment of the shallowest, two-faced ignorance that exists anywhere on YouTube

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