Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Jamie Mayo excuse for hiring sex offender for park.

Police investigating a vicious attack on a woman in Mt Roskill say they are speaking with known sex offenders in the area and have boosted patrols there.

A 27-year-old woman was brutally attacked in broad daylight as she walked through the grounds of Mt Roskill Intermediate at 5.30pm on Tuesday.

Passers-by found her sitting on a kerb half-naked, confused and seriously distressed.

She is recovering in Auckland Hospital after suffering injuries, including to her face, and is undergoing medical tests.

Police have not yet revealed the full extent of her injuries though the attack has been described as "vicious".

Detective Sergeant Pete Steward said the woman had been severely traumatised but was starting to recall details of her ordeal.

Steward said both the woman and her husband, who arrived on the scene to pick his wife up from work, were seriously upset.

Investigators were canvassing the area to find witnesses and speak with anyone who had seen anything suspicious.

He said they were having "some degree of success" as a result, and were speaking with at least one woman who had potentially helpful information. He wouldn't elaborate on the details.

They were also working their way through a list of known sex offenders in the area, Steward said.

Police believe the attack might be linked to an incident that happened about an hour earlier when a woman was approached by a man but managed to flee.

It was yet to be confirmed but the descriptions of the men are similar, Steward said.

Police are yet to release a description of the man.

Steward said the public did not need to be alarmed and that police have increased patrols in the area as a result of the attack.

Inspector Gary Allcock yesterday described the attack as "pretty vicious and pretty callous and pretty calculating".

"What we'd ask is anybody that has any information, no matter how irrelevant they think it might be, to contact us and let us make that decision.

"That includes women that might have been approached by a male recently in that area or people that have seen something they thought was suspicious but didn't bother to stop and call police and just thought it was one of those things."

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