Sunday, 19 August 2012

Lesnar vs Triple H Results: Brock Lesnar Defeats Triple H at WWE SummerSlam 2012

Brock Lesnar, who was literally the poster boy for SummerSlam, picked up a much-needed victory over Triple H as the former UFC star looks to make his presence felt in the WWE once again.

Lesnar became a major star during his first run with the company, but hasn't found success nearly as easy this time around due to a limited schedule. It's had a negative impact on crowd reaction and stopped him from gaining any momentum.

He lost his return match to John Cena at Extreme Rules and proceeded to get written off television for a couple months, leading many fans to wonder if bringing him back to take away a main-event spot was the right decision.

Lesnar showed on Sunday night why he was brought back in the first place. His match with Triple H is exactly what fans came to expect from him in the past: an all-out brawl with no shortage of exciting moments.

The result isn't necessarily a surprise since Lesnar will need to work more big dates moving forward and Triple H is more of an as-needed star right now. Helping Lesnar win over the crowd again was certainly one of those times of need.

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