Sunday, 19 August 2012

Tate vs. Kedzie: What We Learned from Miesha Tate vs. Julie Kedzie

Without question, the preliminary bout between former champion Miesha Tate and Julie Kedzie was the highlight of the preliminary card and will, for now, be the fight to remember for the card.

At the end of the day, Tate was able to submit the tough Kedzie with an armbar at 3:28 in the third and final round.

What We'll Remember About This Fight:

Kedzie's stand-up and Tate's jiu-jitsu. Kedzie landed two nice headkicks that rocked Tate, and early in the third it looked like Kedzie was on the verge of earning the biggest win of her career—but then Tate woke up.

Tate used her grappling skills to lock in a beautiful armbar and pick up the win. Tate's grappling skills were also on full display at the end of the first round and the end of the second.

What We Learned About Miesha Tate:

That her ground game is definitely her strong point. The bout with Ronda Rousey made Tate's ground skills look lackluster, but tonight, Tate proved she is a top-evel grappler.

What We Learned About Julie Kedzie:

Julie Kedzie is absolutely game. At first, the name didn't ring a bell, but then they mentioned Kedzie's bout with Gina Carano and I sort of remembered her. But, after this bout? I'll never forget about the style and striking of Kedzie. Even Dana White was impressed.

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