Thursday, 2 August 2012

Olympics Men's Basketball 2012: USA 156 - Nigeria 73 - as it happened

That was the best I think I've ever seen a basketball team play. I feel bad for Nigeria having to be on the other end of that, but that was just an impossible task.

An email here from Olutosin Mustapha provides some perspective: "This is the first time Nigerian team is qualifying for basketball in the olympic so it is not too bad for them. Up Nigeria Up USA. Iam a Nigerian-America".

Very true, there's really no shame in being beat by the best, even at this historical level. This was an example of some of the best players in basketball playing at a superhuman level. It was almost breathtaking to watch and certainly a night that will stay in the record books for a long while.

Unless Team USA can play at a higher level than this. (Shudders.) Then we're seriously going to have to start comparing this team to the '92 Dream Team. It's been a pleasure liveblogging history with you. Thanks to all of you for reading, especially those who chimed in while the game was going on. We'll see you in the USA's next match against a probably very worried Lithuania, Saturday at 9:20am EST (2:30pm BST)

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